6. Tutorial: Performing root cause analysis with INQQA on a CX project

Performing root cause analysis with INQQA on a CX project

Check out our new tutorial on performing root cause analysis with INQQA on a typical CX project. We’re analyzing 1000+ text reviews from airline reviews.
Skytrax is a review site which collects reviews and ratings from airlines and airports. They recently published the top-20 best airlines in the world which they establish based on numerical ratings. Reviewers are asked to rate based on overall experience and a few specific topcs like “seat comfort”, “cabin staff service”, etc.
Unsuprisingly, Skytrax proclaimed Quatar airways yet again as the best airline in the world.
But what about the review texts? The actual review contains way more relevant and valuable information. Let’s use INQQA to uncover those.
In this tutorial we’ve presented a quick demo on how you can you use INQQA for a typical Customer Experience project. Starting with the text from a collection of reviews we can do root-cause analysis and get actionable insights from the data. INQQA works with any kind of textual data, whether it is survey’s, reviews or feedback from your clients, customers or personnel.
Excited to learn more or get started? Get in touch with us, we’re excited to hear from you.Let’s have fun with your data and INQQA today and in case you haven’t stated with INQQA.

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