Beyond the 5-star rating: Taking airline feedback to new heights

Discover how Inqqa powered analysis of open-text airline reviews shows different predictors for airline quality appreciation compared to the traditional 5-star rating score

About the client

This is an internal case-study based on open internet data from Skytrax.
Skytrax is a leading consultancy based in the UK, specializing in cutting-edge air transport research and quality benchmarking. With a track record dating back to 1989, the company has established itself as a trusted authority in the aviation industry, renowned for its innovative airline and airport star ratings, prestigious awards, and comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys.


Skytrax conducts extensive research to evaluate the quality of airlines worldwide, using a range of methods including customer surveys, audits, and analysis of operational data. provides detailed information and ratings for airlines as well as open ended feedback which are not used in the rating but holds valuable information.


Skytrax’s traditional rating system has been a staple in the airline industry, but Inqqa provides an innovative way to dive deeper into passengers’ experiences and preferences. By analyzing large amounts of open-ended feedback, it become possible to gain invaluable insights into the drivers of airline and airport satisfaction. This can help airlines and airports to improve and stay competitive in the ever-evolving travel market. With Inqqa’s capabilities it’s easy to calculate NPS scores and perform group comparisons to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.


Unlike the limited and inflexible 6 quality topics used by Skytrax, Inqqa is able to identify emerging trends and highlight relevant topics that were previously overlooked. The standard topics ignore certain aspects and are inflexible for emerging trends in passenger feedback. Inqqa indicates a significant distinction between “cancelled flights” and “delayed flights” as the segmentation of “fees” and “compensation” which is a valuable deep-dive for the topic “customer service”. Calculating an improved NPS score based on the different topics from automatic text analysis Inqqa suggests a different top 10.

Skytrax 2022 Top 10 top rated airlies

1.Qatar Airways

2.Singapore Airlines


4.ANA All Nippon Airways

5.Qantas Airways

6.Japan Airlines

7.Turkish Airlines

8.Air France

9.Korean Air

10.Swiss Int’l Air Lines

Inqqa 2022 Top 10 top rated airlies

1.EVA Air

2.Swiss Int’l Air Lines

3.Singapore Airlines

4.KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

5.ANA All Nippon Airways

6.Turkish Airlines

7.Virgin Atlantic

8.Japan Airlines


10.Etihad Airways

By the numbers

  • Analysed 1,135 airline reviews
  • Detected 12 relevant topic categories
  • Calculated Open text review based NPS on topics mentioned by promotors and detractors suggesting Eva Air as #1 airline