Inqqa: The Power to Act Fast with the Right Information

How an International Accountancy and Consultancy Firm Leverages Inqqa to Identify Key Focus Areas from the employee survey and Make Informed Decisions

About the client

This international accountancy and consultancy firm empowers organizations to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, driving impactful and lasting change for society, their clients, and their people. Operating in over 143 countries and territories, with a workforce of over 265,000 professionals, they provide cutting-edge services to businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and other sectors through their audit and assurance practices.


Employee wellbeing and engagement is critical for a large international accountancy and consultancy firm with over 265,000 partners and employees operating in 143 countries and territories. With high staff turnover and talent scarcity, measuring and improving employee wellbeing and engagement is a crucial challenge. In 2021, the firm conducted an annual survey, collecting 158,009 responses through Qualtrics. The survey included 60 closed questions and two open-ended questions, providing valuable insights into employee feedback.


By analyzing the open-ended questions, Inqqa enables organizations identify critical focus areas and improve employee retention. While traditional employee engagement drivers remain stable for many organizations, the need for the right information at the right time from open feedback is crucial. With Inqqa’s powerful interface, it is easy to compare different groups and identify retention risks. By performing group comparisons across countries, job levels, and age categories, it becomes easy to take action to improve engagement and retain top talent.


By utilizing Inqqa’s streamlined three-click approach, a thorough analysis was completed in mere minutes, providing immediate actionable insights. The results highlighted an unexpected emphasis on “work-life balance” over “training & learning,” which was previously assumed to be of higher importance. However, training & learning programs received positive feedback across all demographics, including different countries and age groups. Consequently, the main focus area for improvement was identified as work-life balance and workload, ensuring mitigation of retention risks and keeping employees engaged and motivated.

By the numbers

  • International coverage: 30+ languages covered
  • 101,000+ open answers analysed
  • Defined a focus for improving work-life balance and workload