Beyond the Surface: Inqqa’s Advanced Text Analysis Sheds Light on Critical Employee Concerns

From Data to Action: Inqqa’s Deep-Dive Analysis Uncovers Key Issues and Opportunities for Improvement for Nyenrode Business University

“Most employee satisfaction surveys are run of the mill surveys. There is only univariate statistics that in and of themselves are not very revealing. Always, some quotes are given as ‘indicative’ of the sentiments among employees. As a quants person, I was ecstatic to see how many exceptional insights we had when using Inqqa  to analyze the open answers that employees at Nyenrode Business University have given on a recent survey. Using Inqqa, we were able to much deeper understand our colleagues’ sentiments on a couple of matters. This understanding help us to interpret the survey results in a way that helps us creating more effective policies.”

Prof.dr. Henry Robben, Professor of Marketing, former Chair of the Works Council of Nyenrode Business University.

About Neyenrode

Nyenrode Business University is a leading Dutch institution of higher education specializing in business and management. With a history dating back to 1946, the university offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs to students and professionals from around the world. The university employs a diverse and talented staff of teachers, researchers, administrators, and support personnel who play a crucial role in maintaining its high standards of excellence.


At Nyenrode Business University, the employees are the key to success. The university is committed to provide an excellent working environment for management, teaching, and supporting staff. As part of ongoing efforts to improve employee satisfaction, they conducted an employee survey with the help of Effectory.


Employee satisfaction is crucial to Nyenrode Business University’s success. Obtaining accurate measurements of employee engagement and wellbeing is challenging. To gain deeper insights into the driving factors of employee satisfaction, Nyenrode turned to Inqqa’s advanced text analytics. With Inqqa, the university was able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of open-ended feedback from their employee survey. Furthermore, Inqqa’s intuitive user interface allowed easy group comparisons, providing valuable insights into employee sentiment and allowing them to improve overall employee experience.


Using Inqqa, Nyenrode Business University was able to uncover crucial insights that were missed by the traditional survey. The analysis revealed that the open-ended feedback from employees highlighted concern about the strategy and direction of the university as well as a perceived distance to the work floor. At the same time employee satisfaction with direct management is high. Nyenrode is now enabled to take targeted action to address these concerns and improve the overall employee experience. The university’s management team now has a better understanding of their employees’ needs and are able to make informed decisions that positively impact their workforce.

By the numbers

  • 1,000 open answers analysed
  • Management summary updated with insights from open text