Maximizing Distributor Satisfaction: How Inqqa Boosted NPS for the World’s Leading Yeast and Fermentation Company

Inqqa’s Text Analytics Unlocked Key Insights from Global NPS Survey, Guiding Strategic Business Development with the Voice of the Distributor

About the client

Our client is a leading global player in yeast and fermentation, with over a century of experience and a strong presence on all continents. With a diverse team of 11,000 employees from 96 different nationalities, this French-based company is committed to providing innovative solutions that address the growing demand for natural and healthy food products, while also promoting environmental sustainability. By collaborating with customers, partners, and researchers, our client is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide relevant and impactful solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.


Our client’s Business Developers are constantly striving to improve sales efficacy across cultures and sales channels. To gain insight into the Voice of the Distributor, the company conducted a groupwide survey, with a particular focus on indirect (B2B) sales channels. However, organizing and processing the freely written NPS text proved to be a significant challenge, requiring a substantial amount of time and resources.


Traditional NPS analyses rely on numbers, to gain deep insights and define specific target business development programs, it’s critical to analyze the open feedback. Inqqacan quickly and accurately analyze open-ended comments, allowing you to uncover key insights and trends from the Voice of the Distributor. With Inqqa, you can easily identify pain points, track distributor sentiment, and develop targeted action plans to drive improvements.


Thanks to Inqqa, the client gained deep insights into the Voice of the Distributor, enabling identification of key strengths and areas for improvement. By comparing feedback from different countries and distributor sizes, we found that “Responsiveness” and “Expertise” are perceived as major strengths. We also identified “Price” as a key improvement area, based on this insight a targeted program was launched to improve commercial approach to pricing. Overall, Inqqa’s insights helped to create specific improvement programs for account managers, driving improvements in CX and NPS across the global organization.

By the numbers

  • 870 surveyed distributors, 12 different languages
  • Research covered NPS for Account Management, Support & Services and E-Commerce as well as general feedback on key strength and suggestions to improve.
  • From data to implementing business development program in 3 weeks.