Maximizing Corporate Responsibility Impact with Inqqa

How Majorel Utilized Inqqa to Uncover the True Drivers of Corporate Responsibility

“Inqqa was able to easily cluster topics and make a good, detailed analysis of the open questions for us. This allowed me to see, not only that 30% of people were saying that they wanted to focus on environment and local communities, but also to go deeper than that”

Shoama Nessar – Corporate HR Manager

About Marjorel

Majorel is a global leader in customer experience solutions, providing secure and reliable services to clients across industries. Since its founding in 2018 through the merger of customer relationship management businesses of Bertelsmann and the Saham Group, Majorel has grown to over 60,000 employees and operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.


In 2019, Majorel undertook a major project to establish Majorel’s global ESG – corporate responsibility (CR) credentials, to enable them to highlight exactly what the company stands for. They conducted a questionnaire to a target group of 100 key internal stakeholders having a significant position in the company.


Majorel faced the challenge of analyzing a vast amount of open-ended survey responses without the appropriate tools and a small team. This made it difficult to identify and distill the most important topics. However, Inqqa’s powerful platform was able to accomplish this task in just 20 minutes, providing Majorel with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their ESG focus.


Majorel gained valuable insights into their ESG priorities and stakeholder opinions thanks to Inqqa’s analysis. The tool provided a deep understanding of the varying perspectives of different job levels and age groups, allowing the company to confidently move forward with its ESG initiatives. Inqqa’s success extended beyond this project, with regional teams utilizing the tool for surveys on employee engagement and wellbeing, across multiple languages and regions.

By the numbers

  • International coverage: 6 languages covered
  • Established ESG focus for 2022
  • 9,000+ open answers analysed (ESG agenda and other EX questionnaires)
  • From data to published ESG agenda on website in 3 days

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