4. Tutorial: Easily changing labels from INQQA’s reporting interface

Easily changing labels from INQQA’s reporting interface

We improve INQQA every day based on our customer’s feedback and experiences in different business cases. Updates include minor changes, new features and updates, but this feature is worth some extra attention as it will make creating a report even more easy. In this tutorial video we’ll introduce you to a handy new feature with which you can change labels from the reporting interface.

In the Reporting interface you might be familiar with the possibilities to select, compare and a/b test different sub-sections of your data. After the first round of classification it can happen that INQQA has labeled some example not exactly like you want them in the report. We’ve now made it possible for you to directly from the reporting interface make corrections. Just browse through our examples, if there’s one you’d want to change, simply right click and you will recognize the interface from the explore view, so you’ll be familiar with the process.
After hitting “reset” INQQA will detect the changes and perform a reclassification based on the new information you have provided.
After a little wait the faulty example is gone. In this tutorial video I’ve introduced you to a a handy new feature making changing examples more easy. We know it will enable you to impress with insights more easy and faster. Let’s have fun with your data and INQQA today!

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