9. Tutorial: From data to insight from your EX data in just three clicks

From data to insight from your EX data in just three clicks

Check out our new tutorial where we show how you can get insights from your EX data in just three clicks!
INQQA has been supercharged with ChatGPT to help professionals gain insights from employee surveys with just three clicks.
The process is simple – connect your data, click “magic,” and impress with insights. The tool automatically detects relevant labels using ChatGPT’s power, allowing users to get started with the most important topics in their data.
The resulting labels can be inspected and modified, if needed. Once the labels are finalized, users can classify and visualize the results.
Additionally, INQQA offers a simple comparison feature to compare data from different time periods. Users can also generate insights with just a click of a button, and the tool automatically creates an insight on employees’ priorities in building their future with their companies.
The new and improved INQQA, supercharged with ChatGPT, makes it easy for anyone to gain valuable insights from their employee surveys, and is available for use with your own data or via a free trial. Excited to learn more or get started? Get in touch with us, we’re excited to hear from you.Let’s have fun with your data and INQQA today and in case you haven’t stated with INQQA.

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