42: HOWTO: The benefit of analyzing data with Inqqa vs analyzing data with GPT

HOWTO: The benefit of analyzing data with Inqqa vs analyzing data with GPT

The Power of Inqqa AI: Beyond Simple Data Uploads
In the realm of data analysis, relying solely on GPT for processing large datasets can seem tempting. However, the complexities and nuances involved in accurately interpreting such data necessitate a more robust and controlled approach. That’s where Inqqa AI steps in.
Our latest how-to video delves into a common misconception: the simplicity of uploading your data directly into GPT. While GPT is a powerful tool, it has its limitations, especially when dealing with complex, multilingual datasets or nuanced responses.
Why Choose Inqqa AI Over Simple GPT Uploads?
1. Accuracy and Repeatability:
   – Inqqa AI ensures that your analysis results are consistent and repeatable, free from the hallucinations that can arise from pure GPT processing. This guarantees that running your analysis multiple times will yield the same reliable results.
2. Human-in-the-Loop Control:
   – At Inqqa, we believe in the power of human expertise. Our platform allows you to manually define labels and classifications, ensuring that the insights generated are accurate and tailored to your specific needs.
3. Leveraging GPT Where It Adds Value:
   – Inqqa integrates GPT at critical points in the analysis process, enhancing the insights without compromising control. Pre-processed data ensures that GPT suggestions are relevant and accurate, providing a strong starting point for your analysis.
A Practical Example: Employee Engagement Survey
In our video, we explore an employee engagement dataset, showcasing how Inqqa AI handles data in multiple languages and complex sentences. Here’s what we demonstrated:
– Initial Data Upload: Analyze a dataset with 8,565 responses, leveraging Inqqa’s manual and AI-driven labeling processes
– Exploration and Visualization: Compare human-defined top topics with those suggested by GPT. See the differences in categorization and understand the importance of human intervention.
– Consistency and Control: Highlighting the benefits of consistent results and the ability to refine GPT’s output to suit business needs.
The Verdict: Control, Consistency, and Clarity
By choosing Inqqa AI, you ensure that your data analysis is accurate, transparent, and tailored to your requirements. Our platform combines the best of AI and human expertise, offering you a tool that adapts to your needs and guarantees reliable insights.
Start Your Journey with Inqqa Today
Ready to experience the difference? Watch our how-to video and discover the full potential of Inqqa AI. Sign up for a free trial on our website and take the first step towards smarter, more controlled data analysis.
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