35: TUTORIAL: From Data to Insights for a CX survey

Tutorial: From Data to Insights for a CX (NPS) Survey

We’ve recorded a more elaborate tutorial to easily get you started with Inqqa or an Inqqa Free Trial. This video takes you from a downloadable datafile to insights in the shortest possible time


Unleash the Power of Reporting Languages with Inqqa: A How-To Guide

At Inqqa, we constantly strive to make the journey into data exploration as smooth as possible for our users. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive tutorial video providing a step-by-step guide from data to insights with Inqqa for customer (NPS) surveys. We’ve taken it a step further by including a dataset, ensuring that you can seamlessly follow along and commence your data analysis journey immediately.

The dataset, coupled with the engaging tutorial, is carefully designed to make the process of starting with a free trial more accessible than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or just beginning your exploration into data insights, this video equips you with the knowledge and tools to delve into the world of data analysis with confidence.

We invite you to watch the video, access the dataset, and embark on your free trial to experience first-hand the seamless and insightful world of data exploration with Inqqa. Start exploring data insights right away and supercharge your data analysis journey today!

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