29: HOWTO: Explore phrases with Inqqa

HOWTO: Explore phrases with Inqqa

In this HOWTO we’ll show you how you to explore phrases from the interface

Elevate Your Data Exploration with Inqqa’s Explore-Phrase Functionality!

Welcome to a quick how-to tutorial where we unveil the efficiency of Inqqa’s Explore-Phrase functionality. Inqqa, your go-to tool for connecting the dots in employee and market research, simplifies the process in three straightforward steps: connect your data, select what matters, and take informed action.

Today, we delve into the Explore-Phrase functionality—a powerful feature for those keen on diving deep into specific phrases within their data analysis. Join us as we navigate a finished project, focusing on salary exploration.

Discover how, with just a right-click, you can explore phrases similar, closely related, or slightly different from your selected phrase. The Export Phrase button seamlessly takes you to a search function, presenting a myriad of related phrases. Effortlessly correct, refine, or narrow down your exploration based on your specific needs.

Whether you’re refining labels or digging into specific phrases, Inqqa’s Explore-Phrase functionality ensures efficient and precise data analysis. Ready to make your data labeling a breeze? Dive in and explore the possibilities now!
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