27: HOWTO: Sharing your Inqqa results through a link

HOWTO: Sharing your Inqqa results through a link

In this HOWTO show you how you can easily share your results through a link

πŸš€ Elevate Your Sharing Game with Inqqa: Exporting and Collaborating Made Easy! 🌐 Welcome back to another insightful how-to video where we guide you through the seamless process of exporting and sharing your data insights with Inqqa.

πŸ”— Connect, Select, Impress:
Recap the three simple steps of Inqqa: Connect your data, select what matters, and impress with insights. Now, let’s delve into the world of sharing your meticulously crafted reports.

🌐 Visualize and Export:
Building on our previous tutorial, we’ve explored exporting data in different formats and adding insights. In this video, we focus on sharing your insights securely and effortlessly.

πŸ” Share Project Button:
Discover the ‘Share Project’ button, your gateway to easy collaboration. With two options – ‘Share with Everyone’ or ‘Share with a Specific User’ – Inqqa ensures secure sharing tailored to your needs.

πŸ‘₯ Share with Everyone:
Explore the ‘Share with Everyone’ option, generating a link valid for 14 days. Whether it’s stakeholders, team members, or collaborators, they can access a read-only copy of your Inqqa project.

πŸ”— Secure Collaboration:
Understand the two sharing modes – direct sharing, allowing manipulation of a copy, or read-only sharing, enabling only data viewing. Protect your insights while fostering collaboration.

πŸ“… Limited-Time Access:
Note the link’s validity, ensuring controlled access to your report for 14 days. Your collaborators can review your insights and explore the data without the ability to make changes.

πŸ“¨ Quick and Easy Sharing:
Copy the generated link, share it with your collaborators, and witness the simplicity of accessing insights. It’s a read-only journey into your meticulously prepared analysis.

πŸš€ Empower Your Collaboration:
Inqqa’s secure sharing functionality transforms your reporting and collaboration experience. Share, collaborate, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

πŸ€” Any Questions?
If you have questions or need assistance, our team is ready to help. Simplify your collaboration process with Inqqa – where exporting and sharing insights becomes a breeze!

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