24: HOWTO: The Annotation Menu

HOWTO: The Annotation Menu

In this HOWTO provide insight into all options from the annotation menu
Mastering the Art of Annotation: Unveiling the Power of the Annotation Menu in INQQA!
👋 Hello, data enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the depths of the Annotation Menu in INQQA, your key to precision and efficiency in data annotation. Let’s dive in!
🗂️ Starting Fresh:
Open an empty project with us as we explore a pile of text, focusing on the theme of compensation or salary.
🖱️ Right-Click Magic:
Right-click on a phrase, and behold the Annotation Menu—a feature-packed toolbox ready to elevate your annotation experience.
🏷️ Adding Labels:
Learn the art of adding labels effortlessly. Watch as we add labels like “salary” and “training” with a simple click, instantly coloring your data tiles.
🔍 Annotation Navigation:
Explore the convenience of reading the top phrase in the menu, ensuring clarity and ease of annotation. Remove or delete clusters effortlessly with right-click options.
🚦 The Classify Button:
Witness the power of the red Classified Button, signaling that your annotations are ready to be projected onto your dataset.
➕ Quick Annotation Techniques:
Accelerate your workflow using the plus button. Quickly add multiple examples by hovering and clicking, or employ the lightning icon for automatic magic coloring.
✏️ Editing and Refinement:
Dive into the nuances of label refinement. Rename labels, remove them, and witness the real-time impact on your annotated dataset.
🔄 Refresh for Precision:
Understand the significance of the Refresh button, ensuring your changes are reflected accurately. Explore the balance of colored tiles for a visually harmonious dataset.
🚀 Efficient Data Annotation:
Master the process of removing labels and witnessing the temporary gray-out effect. Refresh strategically to maintain precision in your annotated data.
🎓 Learn and Explore:
Check out our tutorials on the Classify Button and the magic behind restoring deleted clusters for a comprehensive understanding of INQQA’s functionalities.
🤝 Any Questions? We’re Here to Help:
Your journey to efficient data annotation begins here. If you have questions or need guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.
👋 Until next time, happy annotating! 🌟 #INQQAAnnotationMastery #DataPrecisionUnleashed

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