1. Tutorial: Easy data upload with INQQA

Easy data upload with INQQA

In this short tutorial we’ll demonstrate how you can simply upload your data to INQQA. INQQA has been designed to help you as a professional to ace text coding without any effort.

It works through 3 simple steps: 1) Connect your data, 2) select what matters and 3) impress with insights.

INQQA supports 36 languages but when you start selecting what matters you probably have a preferred language from the dataset you’re exploring. INQQA doesn’t use translations of any kind, in the explore overview you’ll find sentences in the original languages you’ve uploaded. For the reporting language INQQA will prefer the language you select as “reporting language” over other languages when presenting sentences through the interface.

In this tutorial we’ve shown you how easy it is to go ahead and get started with your data and INQQA, let’s go!

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